MELT Deborah Bladon audiobook

MELT Deborah Bladon audiobook

MELT Deborah Bladon audiobook free

DISINTEGRATE, a new standalone novella from New York Years and LAND of liberty Now Happy Author, Deborah Bladon. I saw my boss naked. Actually, most of the women who work at Matiz Cosmetics have. It's understandable since the photographs went viral almost immediately after being posted plugged in. Ryker Moore and his social radios star girlfriend were photographed on a private beach in the Caribbean. No jam, no hats, and no bad camera angles. Ryker's encourage in New York City and his relationship is over. The fact that he's single shouldn't matter to me, but it does. It's not because I've secretly wanted him since I landed this job. It has absolutely nobody to do with that singular kiss we shared under the mistletoe at the fete association last year. It matters because of the bearing he looks at me when he doesn’t think I'm paying attention. That melts my heart but I know enough about Ryker to realize he's trouble. He's the last action I need, but that has nobody to do with what I want, does it?Author's Notice: Although a few crases from my past books make appearances in DISINTEGRATE, it's not necessary to read any of my other books to enjoy DISINTEGRATE.


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